ConnectPY - Control Your Aircraft With Your Keyboard

Hello everyone! I’ve been working on a program to use a keyboard and joystick joystick coming soon to control your aircraft in Infinite Flight!

About ConnectPY

ConnectPY is made with Flyme2bluemoon’s Infinite Flight Connect - Python module. With this program, you will be able to control whatever you are flying with an external keyboard and joystick!

How to Use ConnectPY

Head over to the repo for this project, and download either the Mac version if you are on MacOS or the Windows EXE, if you are on Windows.

MacOS Setup

When you download the Python Script, open a terminal window and do the following command sudo python3 This will run the python file in Administrator which is required to run with some modules which this program uses.

Windows Setup

When installing the exe, double click the file and it should run and will give out some message like Connected on {IP} on port {PORT}, after that, you should be good to go!


Letter Commands:

C - Show ATC Window
F - Flaps Down
G - Landing Gear Toggle
U - Flaps Up
Z - Spoilers
P - Toggle Pause Menu
L - Toggle Landing Lights
B - Toggle Beacon Light
N - Toggle Nav Light
M - Toggle Strobe Lights
W - Throttle Up
S - Throttle Down
A - Autopilot Toggle
H - Toggle HUD

Other Keyboard Commands:

[ - Trim Up
] - Trim Down
1 - HUD Camera View
2 - Cockpit View
3 - Follow View
4 - Flyby View
5 - Tower View

Known Issues

  1. Not all commands are in, such as Pitch and Roll, the module I am using for keyboard input is limiting, and I plan on adding this in a future update

Future Updates

In the future, I plan on adding:

– Joystick Support
– User Interface
– Fully customizable commands

If you run into any issues, please PM me and I will help you out. Please leave any feedback you have, and I will try my best to make it happen! Enjoy!

thanks @lucaviness for helping format this


This is awesome! Great job @Saharsh

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Looks amazing!

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I have been waiting for long time to get such joystick support app… I’m excitedly looking forward to have it as l’m suffering from unstable joystick apps…


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