Connectivity Issues

Its been happening to me for a week and not for anybody else. I tried the traoning and casual servers but every user i see on the map seems to be unknown and have a cessna plane icon with no username except numbers above them. On groujd and air everybody is invisible and have a unknown username but seem to be moving. I also cannot make any interactions with active ATC but i can send messages and get no response. My wifi seems to be working fine. I tried restarting and redownloading but nothing seems to be working.
Any way i can fix this issue or is it also happening to

other users

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Are you using a VPN? I had the same issue happen recently on multiple servers, do you mind me asking what country you are in?

I had to disconnect my VPN and it worked.

Yeah I use VPN. So thats the problem right?

I tried it and it wouldnt connect me to the global server. Not sure if its the region im in that doesnt let me connect

Where are you located?

I have Nord and others, I noticed my Nord doesn’t allow me in certain countries.

If you turn it off and it doesn’t allow you to connect than that is the country internet I have seen happen before.

Change your protocols and then check again. Your VPN should have instructions on how to change it.

Im in Iran. Ive been using ExpressVpn and it worked but it doesnt anymore. Flying without a vpn also worked for me but not anymore.

Any other VPN I try gives me the same connectivity issue

Have you updated it? Have you tried using obfuscated servers?

Games up to date. Also servers in the game or servers in VPNs

Hey! I’m playing IF from Iran without problem. send me a DM here or in Discord and I’ll help you!


I’m passing the same situation broo can u help me too???

I was talking about playing from Iran location but generally I’m using V2ray links as VPN and it works fine! The Android app name is V2ray and you can use Napssternet for Ipad and iPhone. You will find the links with simple search in Google:)

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Tried the VPN but still had the same result. Anything else i could do?

The Government usually blocks Famous and popular Vpn apps. Did you try V2ray links? Which device are you playing IF?

I usually fly on a Samsung S10+ and very few times on am Ipad. I tried every server for the V2Ray and still had issues connecting. Tried it with mobile data aswell.

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I’m buying v2ray server from specific telegram channel for several months and it is fairly stable! I cand send you the links via DM if you want!

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I appreciate it but Ill pass since express does work for other apps such as Instagram and Youtube. Ill try other free VPNs and see if it does work. Or it might just be an internet issue.

Sorry, I’m not too familiar with the specifics of V2Ray, but one thing that has been causing issues in VPNs is the “VPN Protocol”, usually this is configurable in most of the major VPN apps. Using something like OpenVPN or Wireguard seems to work if there is a setting for that.

We are working on some improvements for the next update which should reduce the chances of failed connections though as we have recognised it is not as smooth as it can be for some players


Alright alpreciate it 🙏