Connectivity issues

Hello, I am currently flying from KSFO - LFPG and the game was working fine up until right now, which says there’s issues with the connection and verifying the account. My monthly renewal day is 12th of every month. So I don’t know why my account couldn’t be verified.

I have Samsung S10+, I tried turning off WiFi and going back, it didn’t connect when I went to data or WiFi.

Here’s some pictures of my screen:

I checked if I received any violations that could end my flight, none as well just to add it ^^

Based on your screenshots, the app lost all internet connectivity.

You should be okay after an app restart. But there’s not much to do in the current session unfortunately.

If I fly the route, will it be saved to the logbook or it’s like a ghost trip?

Ghost trip basically.

😔 thank you for your help sir