Connectivity Issues

I Play IF I end my Flight all was super! And than I saw that I kicked Out of IF! I think OK I Start the App again and saw that IF loading more than 20minutes until IT start and they sayed they Connection failed but my WiFi Connection was perfect Apps Like YouTube Worked but Only IF need over 20minutes!
If you have the Same Problems please say IT and please Help me and I want to Play IF I like IT so so much so please Help!

  • @infinite_player_1510 / Flyboy Fly
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I did not have this problem. Try to restart your device or provide some additional information.

I am a little confused. Players can’t really get kicked out of Infinite Flight if I am not wrong.

Looks like the Connection issue is starting to become more common.

  • Please try restarting Infinite Flight. You may try this more than once.

  • Try Signing in and out of Infinite Flight and Check for any connection progress.

  • Then Reinstall Infinite Flight. Please be sure to save your replays through Google Drive, iCloud or

Please let us know about the progress then.