Connectivity Issues 2


Ive already made a topic about this subject before but i was hoping to get more answers and help from other people.

For over a week and a half ive been experiencing connectivity issues and see every user in Infinite flight with the username unknown. They move on ground and air but dont load in. I cannot make any interactions with live atc. Every player appears to be a cessna on the map. I always played with express and worked everytime but for some reason it doesnt work anymore. I sometimes played without a vpn which worked perfectly but now when i try it without a vpn it does not connect to the live server or even try to reconnect. My internet connection seems to be fine. I tried numerous vpns with wifi and mobile data which none worked. I tried this on different devices and still had the same result. Not sure if this is my internets problem or an Infinite flight problem. I tried asking people on the discord in which not many helped except joke around most of the time. I just need to know if its related to my internet or infinite flight being broken. Ive seen two other users experiencing the exact same problem as me. What can i do?

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Please continue in your already existing topic