Connectivity issue

Device: iPhone 14
Operating system: 17.2.1


When playing online, other users are displaying as ‘unknown’ and although there is ATC, I either can’t see it in the menu OR I’m connected and can transmit but I get no response and I can’t hear any other traffic.
All connectivity bits in top-right corner are green

The issue happened a few months ago which led to me getting a level 2/3 violation so obviously the ATC could see me even though I couldn’t ‘hear’ them.
I think the problem just sorted itself out after a couple of weeks last time but I’m paying to play so hoping you can help me out please :)

Absolutely love the game by the way!!

Thanks in advance,


Hi, glad you’re loving the Infinite Flight sim👌
You should have made an appeal when you received lvl 2/3 violation citing the loss of ATC connection. The appeals team would have overturned that if they can verify it is due to loss of ATC comms.
Just that you got up to a week to make a submission.
After 7 days it will not be considered so bear that in mind!

So to assist you, you stated the problem has sorted itself out now.
To ensure it’s all good the green tick you see on the top right side of screen is all green ticked. Meaning it’s all good ✅


Just worked out it is to do with my VPN but I then happened again today and I got given another violation because I taxied when it appeared as though there wasn’t an ATC.

I’ve been knocked down to a grade 2 again :(

How do I contact appeals team?

Here you go!

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