Connections Issues

connection problems. . . I would like to know why / if they are working on fixing this connection problem. . . the “airsapce status” has already been corrected but this icon changes from green to orange frequently and often as it is in the photo to red. . . This is making my flight difficult. . .`


Are you sure your Internet connection is stable?

@Brandon_K @Levet he knows airspace is fixed. he is not talking about that


it is very good…!!! this started since yesterday with airspace status problem. . . everything was fine with this problem today, but it’s still going to get worse and worse …

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My mistake on misinterpreting your issue… As Dush as said, make sure your Internet Connection is stable. The different colors of the icon stands for your connection “status.”

Green: Good Connection
Orange: Lost Connection
Red: No Network Connection

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Could you provide a screenshot so that we can better understand the situation. These issues could be device, server or issues that are known within the past 48 hours.

You have some options to ensure that your internet connection is okay such as:

Reset your WiFi Router, close IF and all background apps and refresh your device. A reset of your router may be a big help here.

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How do I send a photo here?


If this were a issue with IF, you wouldn’t be the only one to experience it.

This sounds more like a connection issue on your end, and I recommend you have a closer look at your hardware. A reset of your router would be a start :)


Thank you for the way you treated me … I feel better to express here in the IF community. . . but it’s not an internet problem. . . I can guarantee … this yesterday with the problem of airspace status was happening only that it did not turn to red. . . what happens is that when I enter it is orange but after every two minutes it changes from green to orange and today it is also turning red more often. . .

In cases like this I still recommend that you go through the process of elimination by following the guidance we provided to ensure that the issue isn’t on your end. Have a good day, my best. Chris Levet


That issue is completely separate from what you’re experiencing and started before you begun to have problems.

If it’s turning red, it means you completely lost all connectivity to the server. That should only happen if the server is down, which would have everyone reporting the same issue as you. Or if you’re connection is acting up.

Look no … !!! the Brazilian IF community is having many problems with the connection as well. . .

where do I find the guidelines you suggested …? thank you…!!!

Sounds like a very localized issue if that’s the case. Might be an issue with the content delivery network in Brazil as nobody else is reporting issues.

OK. thank you…!!! I’ll wait until at least until tomorrow … !!! rest of a good day … and thanks again. .

If I’m doubt, turn off your device, restart it, uninstall and install your game then give it a go. Sounds like a connectivity problem. I live out in remote Western Australia and have connectivity problems all the time. Network coverage is dodgy. Good luck. JB.

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Hello @Arikson_Delgado nd welcome to the community!

Please try:

Restarting the app Infinite Flight

Restarting your device

Restarting your router/Wi-Fi

Delete Infinite Flight and re-download it

Hope this Helps :)

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thanks everyone for trying to help me … I will test the internet at a family member’s house to see if the problem is from my router. . . As soon as I hear anything new, I’ll let you know. . . (if the moderators do not close the topic) thanking everybody for their collaboration. . .