"Connections" Event

I have an idea for an event, but wanted to run it by the IFC to gather some input before I try to put something together.

The general idea is to simulate a busy hub airport where passengers are making connections to other flights (hence “connections” event). The concept of the event would be to have pilots flying in from other airports, all scheduled to land within say an hour time window, and towards the end of the hour window, have other pilots and/or some of the same pilots start taking off from the airport and heading to other destinations. A real life example would be a hub airport like KATL or KORD.

Obviously it would take a lot of coordination to get the incoming flights to arrive at the correct times, but I think it would be really neat to have heavy arriving and departing traffic during the course of the event and maybe a nice challenge for any ATC that wanted to be involved as well. As a fun side note, we could track actual arrival and departure times to see which flights/PAX would’ve made or missed their connections when the event is over.

Just looking for some feedback from the community on this. Has this type of event been done before? Do you think this would be feasible? Fun? What would be some of the logistical challenges? Would any ATC want to be involved? Or any other sort of input is welcome. Thanks!


Sounds like a great idea… But first you would need to get to TL2 to post the event :)


Very good idea, I would 100% attend it. Be sure to be active and keep posting, so you will eventually be able to post this amazing idea in #live:events :)


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