Best update so far! However, I ran into a connection issue a few moments ago. I disconnected for a few seconds and when I reestablished the WiFi connection seconds after, it only showed that yellow wifi sign signifying I was connecting and my ATC was usable again. However, live traffic remained invisible and the yellow wifi thingy didn’t go away regardless of my connection.


I had a similar issue today also. My best guess is that the server is being stressed by the sheer number of people flying.

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If you click on the “yellow WiFi” it should show you which parts of the server are still connecting - weather, live server, API service and global server.

It was the Live Server

The rest was green

Good to hear that it’s probably not an issue from my side then!

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I’ve sometimes found that after an internet outage, the “live server” does take a little bit longer to get back up on its feet. I think that’s a function of how speedily it can connect via your internet.

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Alright, as long as a staff member hasn’t got a solution, I am simply gonna wait a few minutes longer after this happens. This time I waited around 3 minutes.

This happened not to long ago actually. It was a server overload/stress.

I have people periodically disappear. Not all the time, but occasionally, just briefly (e.g. they haven’t just left). I’m presuming its comms between the server for one of us.

Do other people get this ?

(I have wondered if IF is extrapolating positions for these brief disconnects)

The exact same issue is occurring to me too! It’s probably due to the load onThe servers,it’s VERY busy today!

Figures. Have a look at Heathrow. There’s umpteen aircraft there.

Willing to hazard a bet most of them are A330s :)

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