Connection with Live Issue

Hi everyone!!
I have been trying to connect to IF for the past week or so that way I don’t become inactive and I go from grade 4 to 2, but it seems like it has happened. I have tried reinstalling the app, clearing the cache. Trying on a new phone, and different WiFi system, but still can not seem to connect with my account to any of the servers… any ideas anyone?

How was your internet connection? Also, could you send us a screenshot of your issue?

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It’s not that, but the actual connection to anything itself.

Everything else works, just seems like the app is the stubborn one…

This is what it is stuck on.

Have you tried restarting your phone?

Sometimes, the connections on the phone can become weird after you use it for a while without restarting it.

Are you certain you aren’t using a VPN?

Is Chrome your default browser? If not, set to default browser.

Gabe, that’s for logging in :)

He’s made it through the authentication process judging by the screenshot.

Um, but it look like it logging in, oh well.

@CaptAC I’m about to sign off for the night. Here’s a few things to try.

  • Close IF and reboot your device
  • Try spawning into Solo at a different airport then you tried before. Try KLAX or EGLL
  • If you are able to spawn in on Solo exit the flight and try spawning in on one of the Live Servers

Hoping this resolves your issue. Have a good one.

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I will try it in the AM, @Levet. I will let you know then. Thanks guys!


No luck :( @Levet

Hey there! Could you try logging out of Pro and logging back in?

Did you answer @Levet’s VPN question yet?

Try to do this. As sometimes login token will expire. @CaptAC


I’ve tried everything and, ya no vpn

Okay will do

Tried that JT. I might just need to wait for the update or something.

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Update was pushed to Apple. I just got it on my iPhones. Make sure you have a stable internet connection. A fresh install might not hurt your cause here as well. Report back and we will plan our next options to get you back into the air. Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.


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