Connection to live servers

So recently I have been on Long-haul flights around the world and sometimes when I disconnect from Wifi and connect back it just won’t connect to the live servers but would still connect to the User Account, API service, global server and would still have weather up but for some reason it just won’t connect to live. Help?

Well that happens to me too sometimes. Live Server is down so it wont let you call ATC. But I also recommend having a connection the whole time or it ends up doing this
Idk how to fix though

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On rare occasions it happens to me idk why tho
I don’t really look in to it or report it tho
I tend not to report issues ,which I think is bad lol

Because normally I am on the go so I move around a lot so keeping my device at home would be annoying which means I could only land it at home because the only place with a stable connection is there. Normally when I go out with it I use my mobile hotspot but after having it connect and re-connect it just becomes disconnected for ever… anyways thanks for your help.

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This had happened to me multiple times during my flight from London to USA, it probably happens because it’s not touched for a long period, and the connection gets disrupted for a minute, I don’t really know 🤔

This is the first time it is happening to me and it’s really annoying that I’m not able to get back on the live server.

What works for me is:
Go to settings and turn off the WiFi!
Then wait a few seconds…
Finally turn WiFi back on, switch on and off your device!
It should start working!

(Which device are you using?)