Connection to live server

Hello. So I’m having problems connecting to infinite flight server. I tried the causal server and the training server. Everything appears green except live server. I reinstalled the app. I turned off and on my iPad but it doesn’t seem to work. I am currently on an IPad Pro 2 running IOS 11.4.1

Hi there! What steps have you taken so far? Can you try these recommendations for us:

• Reboot your device
• Try resetting your router
• Reset your device’s network settings.

Let us know if that resolves your issue ;)

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What is your wifi network like? Is it stable? Whats the wifi speed?

I had problems this morning with this. I just reset Infinte flight and it worked fine.

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My network is very good I’ve used it for all these years and it it very stable

Hi. I already rebooted my device. I changed network, I deleted and reinstalled infinite flight. I also tried being ATC and it didn’t work.

I just tried and it didn’t work

Just to make sure, you aren’t using a VPN correct?

No. I am not using a VPN

Go into your device settings and reset network settings Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

I believe that this is a localized issue you are having since there are many people on the servers as we speak.

Did it. But still not working

Can you spawn in at all on any of the servers?

No. I’m grade 2. Only training and casual

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