Connection to live server takes a long time

Good Day IFC,

I have been experiencing long connection times to the live server on my iPad. The live server status keep toggling from connecting to disconnected. When I am connected to Wi-Fi, the toggling happens but when I switch the connection to 5G, the connection happens fast.

Just for context, I also use my phone to fly as well and the phone connects to the live server in seconds on Wi-Fi.

Please assist.

Device: iPad Air / iPhone 11 Pro Max / iPhone 14 Pro Max
Operating system: iOS 17.4.1 / iPadOS 17.3.1

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Have you checked the connection speed? is a good tool.

You could try disabling and re-enabling Wi-Fi on the device.
Or “Forget This Network” and then rejoining the network.

I’ve had several instances where one of my iPads had become way slower than the other ones.
The above steps helped resetting something that made it work again.

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Hey Jan,

I am not facing what @joslleymiguel_holand is facing. My issue only appears when I spawn into the game and it takes quite some time (up to 10 mins) to connect to the live server. Once connected, the connection doesn’t breaks off.

I have no issues connecting to live servers on other games after spawning, only IF is facing this issue

You stated this earlier:

That indicates that your Wi-Fi network is playing a role in this issue.

I’d suggest trying the steps in my post above.

Is the Wi-Fi network using a VPN by any chance?

No VPN on the Wi-Fi network. However, using another device on the same Wi-Fi network, it connects within seconds.

Ill try your steps and feedback

Wi-Fi network deleted and re-added.

Time to get connected to live server (same Wi-Fi network)
iPad: 3 mins
iPhone: 4 seconds

What results does running the speedtest tool give on both devices?

Ping: 13ms
Down: 299 mbps
Up: 290 mbps

Ping: 12ms
Down: 290 mbps
Up: 284 mbps

That is really close, so that’s not it.
The VPN question remains.

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No VPN installed on the Wi-Fi nor the devices I owned

So, if the iPhone has no issues on the Wi-Fi network and the iPad has no issue on 5G, then it’s not the network and not the device either.

The only thing I can think of is the way the iPad connects to the Wi-Fi network.
But since you’ve already deleted and re-added the connection…

I have no idea, to be honest.

It’s definitely not an issue on IF’s side.

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Would it be possible to try another Wi-Fi network?

You’re talking about an iPad Air, correct?
Which model?
Which OS version is it running?

Device : iPad Air
Operating system : iPadOS 17.3.1

tried both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz networks to no avail

I’ve got no other networks available to try

Its not a big deal tbh, it’s just annoying to have to wait for some time to get connected especially if you are in a active atc airport.

Which mode?
From which year?

At another location, maybe?

iPad Air 5th gen aka the current iPad Air

I don’t really bring the iPad out so it will be difficult to try another network.

That is important information.

When you just state “iPad Air”, you suggest it’s the original one from 2013. :)

That’s a shame.

Well, like I stated earlier, it’s not an issue on IF’s side.

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