Connection to live issue red/yellow signal icon w/cellular

Hey IF team I have a iPhone 7 Plus and on t mobile and for some reason I can’t connect to fly I always start with a yellow icon and then it shoots straight to red. I uninstalled the app and installed it again. I contacted my carrier to have the ports unlocked I don’t know what else to do it only works on wifi. Any support or comments I would appreciate.

What is your cellular network’s speed/ping?

33ms ping 8.00 download and 11 upload

Did you have port 10100 open? I have T-Mobile and had this problem about 2 years ago.

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I’ll call them and ask them thanks. T mobile has too many restrictions

Yeah, pretty sure this is an on-going issue with T-mobile, maybe @david can help you sort out your problem. :)

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This is a unique issue with T-Mobile. We’ve done everything we can, yet somehow the carriers services still have problems with connectivity for some of their customers. Use wifi, that’s the recommended connection means.


Thank you for all your help. Any other cellular port that needs to be open but 10100?

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I contacted t mobile support they opened a ticket to see what they can do. Thank you all for the comments

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