Connection to IF from VA


i was wandering how a VA managed to get to your IF account info because then how do they know if you did a flight that you set?

Hey, if I understood correctly you are asking how VA’s get your flight time?

If so they get that via their crew center, google forms or air table. There is a few others. You log in then log a flight. Add your route and your flight time at the end of your flight.

Hope this helps!

oh so after a flight you put in all your info and then it puts it into your data?

Yes, we have crew centers that pilots register too and then input the flight details and its call calculated

oh ok and i can see that some people say that they have an “important” flight and they need to complete it, in this case does this mean that the VA set them a flight?

Most VA’s doesn’t have mandatory flights…
They have something called minimum flight hours, it differs from each VA. 🙂

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thanks all!!!

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