Connection / server issues

I was flying in SoCal today and noticed that aircraft near and at KSAN were suddenly gone while the ones near and at KLAX were still there.
They returned just as suddenly a little later.
Can you lose traffic around just one airport?

I also noticed losing certain frequencies and remember hearing LA Unicom messages while I saw both Ground and Tower were active.
Very weird.

Hope this info helps.


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Yes I noticed that every time that is busy appended this.

Well, I was controlling klax tower once And there were no aircraft in the airport,only a few on approach but all of a sudden, over 10 aircraft appeared at the same time and they all were on tower

It may take a few seconds for all the aircraft to show up on your map after you spawn.

Spawning is not the issue.

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Yea, i was with you and we both had this problem

It is usually caused by the network on your end. I’ve seen this on occasion as well, mostly during heavy traffic conditions or right after I launch a new flight. Not really a bug though.

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I don’t have any other network issues. I have a 150mb down and 15mb up connection, so that can’t be it either.

Then it’s just a CPU or memory issue. The network issues aren’t always going to be something you can clearly determine. I have super fast cable internet, but it can still have issues. No such thing as a perfect network. :)
Anyway, if it’s bothersome, just lower some settings like aircraft quality or especially “show aircraft count live” and keep the device fresh by restarting the power often. Like every couple days or when things seem to be slowing down.

CPU or memory issue on an iPad Pro? Without other apps open?

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It’s very unlikely to be low system resources, but is still possible. When these types of things happen it’s almost always because of a temporary network slowdown, device running low on system resources or a combination of such things.
I haven’t seen any significant number of reports similar to this. If everybody with an iPad Pro were reporting the exact same thing persisting despite all troubleshooting efforts being completed, then it would send up red flags that something else is the cause. However that doesn’t appear to be so.

Try unplugging your network devices for a minute while the iPad is powered off. Then plug in the modem first, then the router. Wait until everything lights up on them before turning the iPad back on.


I’ll try some things.
If I found something I’ll let you know.

Thanks David!

I still don’t understand how a network issue on my side can take out a cluster of aircraft at a certain airport though.

Putting it very, very simply, the data that makes up all those things doesn’t make it through. When the data stream is interrupted or slowed for whatever reason, things like this can happen. The fact that they return just as suddenly indicates something is most likely holding up the flow of information. Remember these are other people’s aircraft. Moving at different speeds, headings, altitudes etc, all in real time. They are constantly being rendered and repositioned. The data moving through the network back and forth is what determines what you see. Or don’t see.

It could also be what’s being sent from the servers, but I have no way of knowing which is which for certain. If everybody was having the same experience at the same time and place, then I’d be thinking it’s the servers, but that doesn’t appear to be related here.

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