Connection problems

Hello, I’m having a problem with my connection on Infinite Flight and I was wondering if anyone has had this and managed to solve it.

When I enter Infinite Flight he can connect to the server, but he can’t download anything anymore, I tried now to enter RKSI and he stays on the load screen endlessly, and he never enters the gate, and when I put it on a plane that is not downloaded , it is: Downloading Aircraft 0% and never leaves 0. My Wi-Fi is working perfectly, I use it on google, youtube, but I’m having this problem. If anyone can help me :)

Try turning on airplane mode for 30 seconds if you haven’t done so.

In addition to the regular things like restarting everything like device & router;

How much storage is available on your device?

66,30 GB of available space

I managed to connect, I had restarted the router yesterday and it had not worked. But I restarted again today and it worked. Thanks for the answers