Connection Problem

So, I was slowly cruising down to the approach altitude. And I went from the device for a while. When I came back I was under 10000ft and I went 300 knots, I immediately slowed down, but I lost connection and still kept getting violations, so I got 5 violations…
Which means, now. I cannot be grade 3 and I have to wait one week. :(
I am kinda sad, because I tried hard to become grade 3 and now nothing…
Idk what to do.

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This is something that is very risky when you are close to 10’000ft. There is not much you can do as it’s your own fault for leaving your device. Just be careful next time :)


Hi there,
It’s something that you need to be careful of. You may have received violations before you realised you were over speeding!


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I know, it was when I was in FL320
But I slowed down, and still kept getting them.
Even if I was under 250…

Can you send me your replay please?

I can, later. Since I’m doing a flight now.
But I came to device and the connection was lost. I was something around 8000.
Is there some interval between the violations?

I would have to check, but I think there is.

Next time I will be careful. But thanks ;).

The interval between violations is 20 seconds.

Here is some more info about it.

Ask the moderators by sending them a PM. They can help fix it for you.

I was in the same situation as you were, but my connection failed just above FL100. I am just thankful for my violations to be reversed.

Anyways, to answer your question, prepare a piece of video evidence via IF replays and a screenshot through your logbook and your grade in your profile. When you are ready, PM the moderators through this link:

I’d advise you to, in the future, be careful not to descend too fast and pay attention to your speed from FL120 onward when descending. If it really comes down to it, level off at FL110 slow down and then descend again. As mentioned by @Chris_Wing, I agree with him and I am sorry to say but it is technically your fault for leaving your own device.

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Could you elaborate this part? Please.
Video of the whole flight or the violation part?


Connection or not, violations are not affected by this.

Relax, I understand it is a real bummer to get violations.

To elaborate, you need the replay from the flight itself. The video is the video of the whole flight (Chocks on, to your connection fault) so it will be helpful to add specific timestamps that of the video PM to the moderators.

Okay, but I had no connection and still it showed me that warning thing.

Warning is one thing. There’s known scenarios where the message can get stuck, but it won’t issue any new violations :)

Okay, gotcha. Anyways. Thanks for response and I will wait one week, before getting grade 3. :)