Connection problem with if

Device: Apple iPad Pro 6th Generation (2022)
Operating system: iPadOS 17.0.3

I hate it to always having restart my entire internet when opening IF
When I open or fly in infinite flight I have absolutely no internet during the entire flight I can’t use anything, no atc commands and all planes unknown on the map
Some times multiple devices were hit by this internet problem even though my internet is all stable

Putting airplane mode on and off used to help but it got so strong that I have to restart the ipad sometimes to make all stable again please help me all tips are helpful thanks

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Same issue on my side… Since a week, my app is living its own life.

Fully connected, yet I only see GA icons

Still connected but names appear orange

Then the API says goodbye

Still no API but names appear in normal color again?

I noticed that this only happens with wifi… I restarted my devices multiple times but that didn’t fix anything and it happens randomly… One moment you’re fine, the other moment you’re gone from the server or at least that’s what you think, others can still see you but you can’t see anyone.

I’ve read that the new IOS update brought some internet issues with it but that can’t be the issue here I guess?

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Welcome to the club. As you say, I also had these problem since the new IOS 17

The app needs a stable Internet connection to work properly.
Unfortunately we can’t assist with local connection issues.
Those can be caused by many factors, device/OS updates included.