Connection problem expert server

Experiencing problems for about half an hour while in flight

Try turn off your mobile network or Wi-Fi it should help u.

Well, yes, but I will lose the flight / flight time.

Have you exited/minimised the app at any time?

u can’t lose flight time.

if mobile network turned off, it’s just trying reconnect any time.
but it’s recording ur data everytime.

No, it’s not. Only when online are grade parameters updated.

but when u are in flight? and ur house shutdown eletrical power? and u don’t have internet? flight time will not be added?

No, it won’t since there’s no place to update them to as you don’t have any connection to our systems.

oh… ok sorry for misinformation

No, I did not.

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No. While in flight it disconnected. By the way, I am texting on the same wifi network from my iPhone. IF is running on iPad.

Are you still disconnected?

idk… maybe server problem… due an Event in Brazilia…

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Could be that reason.

Turn off wifi, then wait a second and turn it back on.

Will try that. Thanks.

Due to the amount of time passed since disconnection from the server, it is unlikely that you will be able to reconnect successfully. Your welcome to try steps others have suggested above by all means. How is your Internet connection? Stable? Any other network problems with other apps?

That’s something to consider. Does anything else on your device connect to the internet? If not, it’s a device issue which can typically be solved with a good ol’ restart. If it’s multiple devices, reset your router (unplug from power, plug in after 10 seconds or so).

Kinda off topic question, what route are you flying?