Connection problem, do you have the same problem?

hello guys, it’s a few days ago that happens to me a strange thing, while flying in adv sometimes I lose the connection for about 10-20 seconds, but now I was in Singapore and the region happened to me very often, I apologize to the ATC but is not my fault. it happened to you?


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Oh wow…you was controlling at changi?

Yea we were controlling until everything crashed repeatedly.

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We atc’s are experiencing some really bad connection issues, we go offline like every 5 minutes sometimes…

I thought it was just me! I could still see the airport as having active ATC but there wasn’t a list of controllers nor were there other pilots visible

Yep…it’s beautiful when you controlling and a plane pops out from nowhere on your final…had this issue the last few days…dear pilots please dont feel harassed when we send you around when its busy and we may cleared you before…after a d/c all the clearance or sequenzing is lost, so you look like a brand new plane to us…out from nowhere 😁


I am having this exact same issue. My connection seems to drop every few minutes, then comes back after 15-30 seconds. Just before it drops all other plane names turn orange and below the call sign changes to “network issues.” I have excellent wi-fi signal strength from my cable provider and other streaming sites such as netflix, hulu, music, etc. works just fine with no interruptions.

If I can get a screenshot of the orange “network issues” I’ll post.