Connection offline issue



I am logged into Infinite Flight Live, I see my Callsign, Hours, XP and Standing. I see in ‘Live Status’ 30%, 18% and 33% loading for Free Flight Server 1, Advanced Server 1 (ATC) and ATC Playground, respectively. However, if I click ‘Fly’ I am taken to my starting airport and there are no planes at all, anywhere. The little ‘wifi’ symbol in the top right hand corner of the screen (IOS) is red most of the time, sometimes orange, and selecting ‘Connection Status > Connection’ in my HUD, I receive ‘Offline’.

Can anyone provide an explanation please?

Thank you,


The connection status indicator if red means you are offline or unable to maintain the connection. Unfortunately it’s not anything we can really do anything about since it’s more of a issue with the local WiFi network being used. Perhaps resetting your router or modem will help?
Make sure when you connect that you have a green status indicator.
Orange is cautionary and means that the connection is not stable. You might remain connected but with an Orange indicator be prepared for possible disconnect.