Connection of Joystick To mobile

When i try to connect my Logitech joystick to my phone for IF a small white circle starts hovering on my screen and is in random constant motion and is responsive to input. But the game doesnt recognise it. This happens with a mouse too. I tried it on a keyboard and and it works fine. Im also using an OTG cable. And this is on a apple device

That would be why.
iOS does not support 3rd party controllers like that.

Is there anyway to fix it?

Unfortunately not.
Connecting a controller directly to an iOS device via OTG have never worked and we haven’t seen any indications that it will soon.

There are 3rd party apps for Infinite Flight that allows you to use the joystick via a computer. That’s the only option in this case. For example:

Oh i see. Because my live flight connect keeps randomly shutting down if i try to connect it.

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