Connection lost. But have internet

Why im lost connection to live server… I have internet for now. (tried 4g too, it just wanted me to reload game.)



May I ask which server it is on?

TS for now
It says connection… then red square (failed) and it looping

I see, I had a look for myself, It was working just fine for me. Have you possibly unistalled the app and re-installed for an app reset?

It’s sometimes the server itself

No i dont want end flight and its gone all good. Phew.


When it was happening, did it go on and off more than once?

counted it happens 10 times

and this is reason why i dont want end flight

making non stop 4 flights

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I’ve moved this topic back to #support as it is more suited to that category rather than #general.

If you aren’t experiencing this issue any more and it has been resolved, feel free to flag this for closure or state that this is the case so a moderator can close this when able.


Hey beauty! Thats why im changed it to General. It was a little panic from me… So im good now. Random server things happened!
p.s u can close it <3


This issue has happened to me once. It’s not as fun, but just treat it like a normal flight, and enjoy not having to deal with traffic for once!

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