Connection issues

My last 2 flights in the Expert world have disconnected from the server about 15 minutes after takeoff. It’s costing me valuable time that I’m putting aside for flying. Any help would be appreciated thank you.


is your wifi stable?

Grade A sir… I’m connected as we speak

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sorry i am no help then :(

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Thanks for your help

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That’s still been a problem for me. Whenever i fly while i am connected to my wifi, i keep getting reconnected and disconnected from the server. Recently i started flying on Data and have had no problems since.


Try restarting your device. If that doesn’t work then maybe unplug and plug back in your wifi router. If that doesn’t work then maybe delete and reinstall the game. Please note doing so will result in all replay files being deleted.

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Thank you I’ll try that

This has been a major problem for me ever since the new servers were made and it has been one of the most annoying things ever

No issues today…reset my phone and been smooth flying.

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