Connection Issues

recently been flying and randomly have been disconnected. This happens every minute or so. I have restarted, uninstalled, and reinstalled, but I still have the same issue. Not sure if this is a major bug, but throughout my VA, people are having the same issue. @Daniel_Olivis1


says was fixed a day ago still seem to have the issue

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When you disconnect close your Mobile Data / Wi-Fi like 5-15 second. After that reopen them and try to connect. It’s known issue and it’s the solution. And Yes Monday everyone had this issue due to server problem but Cam fixed it.

I’ve had that happen quite a few times, I think it’s only for like a few second that it disconnects and re-connects

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I have been too ever since I would say 23.1 but idk maybe before that. I thought it was just my Wi-Fi being the problem even though I have really fast Wi-Fi then I went to my grandparents which had even faster Wi-Fi and it still happened even when sitting next the the router. But when I’m on cellular it never happens. I saw other people having this problem and it’s so annoying especially in a busy airspace constantly disconnecting over and over sometimes. Weird thing is it happens it certain parts of the house idk if that’s where Wi-Fi signal is weaker but I checked speeds in those areas it happens the most and it’s really fast. Those areas it happens the most I didn’t have that problem last year.

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