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so i was trying to fly for 20+ hours (estimated time around 27 hours and 33 minutes) from japan to sau paulo. and around Hours 9-12 into the flight, suddenly the live server is red. i already tried shutting down my wifi, turning on and off the wifi, and closing the app but it doesnt seems to help, anything other than the live server is green, its been 13 hour and 22 minutes since i took off. is my 27 hours terminated? can i continue it?

When I lose connections to one or more servers but the others work, I find going into airplane mode, then going back into IF and waiting for all servers to go red. from there I disable airplane mode and let them reconnect

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Unfortunately once you’ve been disconnected, you won’t be able to reconnect (Most of the time).


i recently just tried it and it only make the global server red and then shortly after its green again while the live server is still red

entering hour 15 into the flight and im still here at the training server. if i cant reconnect, and im still there, would that mean im at the train server but nobody can see me? and i cant see anyone else flying nearby me?

Yes, if you have been disconnected, nobody can see you

You won’t be able to see anyone at all, since you’ve been disconnected


but i still can continue the flight? (i know im still continuing the flight but im just askin)

yes you can still continue the flight - but you will no longer get any XP nor will the landing be recorded in your stats.

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ah ok. thanks for helping m8

sorry if im keep asking. but is locking my phone screen can make me disconnected? or is it just when i turned off my phone screen?

Turning off your device will disconnect you.

That could be potentially an issue. Best thing would be to try without it and see if it makes a difference.

Turning off your phone means nothing is running, so yeah that will disconnect you.

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