Connection issues

I’m currently flying from KATL to KIAD on the expert server and I’m noticing that the live server connection is dropping every 30 seconds. This happend on my previous flight to LAX and my long haul to Frankfurt. I’m using my mobile network and I’m in a good service area. Is anyone else having this issue?


Have you tried using Wi-Fi to see if it’ll make any difference?

Also do you have 4G or 5G?

As @Michael_Sides1! Try using a different network to see if it works. However, you might want to read this: Live server [Expert] repetitive disconnect - #2 by schyllberg


I have 4G and connected to wifi and it still drops

Have you tried clearing the scenery cache and restarting the device? In the most extreme cases a uninstall and reinstall might be necessary to fix the situation however this should be an absolute last resort


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