Connection issues

Hi IFC, i am having connection problems in infinite flight, i have tried different methods such as:-

  1. Restarting my device (Oppo R15 Pro, running Android 10)

  2. Restarting Infinite flight

  3. Restarting my Wifi router

  4. Deleting Infinite flight

None of those methods worked. It only works when I use my Mobile data.

What sort of connection problems are you having? Are planes not loading, scenery not loading, etc.

This usually happens

Or this

My wifi connection is strong and I tried deleting Infinite flight again but it didn’t fix it

My wifi speed-

Usually it takes a long time for infinite flight to load and it says ‘error occurred check internet connectivity’ but my internet it strong

This problem started yesterday

Hello @applepro243!

Unfortunately this issue is something you’d need to bring up with your service provider.
We’ve received another complaint from a user, with the same service provider as you are using. It seems like they’ve made a change that affects us in a negative way. We have no way of knowing exactly what it is though, so we can’t correct the issue in this case.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Oh Okay, i appreciate your help towards this issue, I’ll try to contact my service provider to get the wifi network fixed, Thank you.

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