Connection issues .

Friends can not log in to the game after the last update , you can not connect connecting it says . Game bi’ve installed the same problem again erased many times do you have in this situation you ❓ Help❗️

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Hello, are you connected to the wifi/internet?

Are you using Wi-Fi or cellular data?
If you are using these, please make sure you have a strong connection, Wi-Fi is the most stable.

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Do other apps on your mobile device have access to the internet? Did you test this?
Did you try rebooting your device?
Has the IF app worked well before? For how long?

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Last Updater after WiFi will not connect, there was no problem in the previous version .

Have you restarted your router?

Hi all, let’s give the OP a chance to report back. There’s some good investigative measures posted above but it can be overwhelming at times. Let’s wait to hear back and then we can troubleshoot more from there. :)

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Wired not wireless WiFi .

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Uninstall and reinstall?
Restarting your device?

Try restarting your router. The same issue happened to me. Also, turn off your wifi on your device, and Cellular Data.

Ok thank you .

Let me know if it helps.

I tried, but still the same .

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@XessamX_Balmahdad sorry you are having troubles but don’t worry we will work you though this. I’d like to ask a few more questions to get a better understanding of your issue.

Did the app work fine before such as before a recent app update, update to your device or a change in your internet providers service?

Closing the app and restarting your device hasn’t worked so far?

Have you reset your router as mentioned above?

Thanks again, Chris

Aha had the same issue. Try reinstalling the app as that was the fix for me!

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