Connection issues

Friends can not log in to the game after the last update , you can not connect connecting it says . Game bi’ve installed the same problem again erased many times do you have in this situation you ❓ Help❗️

Can you please give us more details, what is you connection like, device, etc. And what have you done to try to correct the problem yourself.

My device iPhone  8 plus .

What is your internet connection like, and have you tried anything to fix the problem already?

I tried everything but it was not, this was a problem I’ve updated just did not have any thing to be in the lower version .

Have you tried restarting your WiFi, your device, or both

Yep ! Connecting to WiFi but not well connected to the cellular data .

If your using cellular, what type are you using 4G, 3G, LTE?

4G, 3G, LTE cellular data no problems connecting, but not well connected to WiFi .

Have you reset the WiFi router

I perform a hard reset, I do not understand why WiFi is not connected whilst these problems .

Sounds like this may be a problem with your ISP, other people may know more then me though

Ok thnx . ;(

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