Connection issues

Hi everyone, every time I’m about to start a flight, a message pops up saying ‘can’t connect’ and that it’s experiencing connectivity issues, and no matter what I do, whether that be restart, reinstall, restart router, it doesn’t work, please help!! image

I know you’ve restarted your router, but did you confirm and test your WiFi’s is strong?

Also try reseting your devices network settings. Try logging back in to your Wi-Fi.

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Is your connection strong enough to smoothly stream video on YouTube? What quality?
Btw, iOS or Android? Which device?
Sorry about all these questions, details can go a long way sometimes.

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Why are u asking him that his connection is strong enough to
Stream A Livestream.

He’s not doing a livestream
And if u were going from a different perspective,you could make a better comparison just sayin 😉


Are u using the lastest version of IF?
Lastest version of iOS or Android?

Try the following

Reinstall app
Log out and back in
Restart device
Check the router of it’s running fine
Reboot router

If none works,You might wanna contact @schyllberg

I think he’s been trying those things already.
Usually I find the WiFi needs to be fast enough to stream HD video to run IF multiplayer smoothly (at least in busy airspaces).

However, @Rooster359, we still need to know: which device are you using for IF?

I used to have DSL internet, with 4megabit download speed and 0.5megabit upload speed. IF worked just fine, because the service had super low latency(ping) time.

It’s not always about speed; it’s more about latency for Infinite Flight. You need low latency for IF to perform well on multiplayer, not necessarily massive speed (enough speed to stream HD video live).

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