Connection issues

Hey,I started trying a flight and I couldn’t connect so I restarted device ,closed out all apps and reinstalled app but nothing worked and I can’t connect.When I reinstalled the app and logged back in I could not connect to the server
Google btw and it says “ connecting”
I wonder if anyone else is getting it and this is not a duplicate


I am having the same issue. Screen stuck on, “Connecting…”

I also have this issue, seems happening with Facebook logins

Same issues here. I am using Google to login.
Screen is stuck on ‘Connecting…’.

I’m sure it’s just going to be a short glitch.

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I rarely have connection issues and the WiFi here is top notch

It’s the same thing in France, guys.

We are aware there are connectivity issues at the moment. FDS is researching the issue and we will update you when we know more.

Hang tight.

No need for everyone to reply stating they cannot log in.


also having the exact same problem, tried everything as you have

Same here…then told me
I didn’t have an account.

Connect issues as well

Ok we don’t need more messages saying “I have it as well”
It’s a gltoch happening to everyone and
The FDS is underway investigating this right now


I have the same issue as well :(

FDS already know that everyone is having the same issue! So need to post saying that you have the same issue!


Yup, same thing. Glad I’d finished my flight. Looks like I’m grounded right now.

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Hey buddy I’m having the same problem except it’s telling me that I can’t connect and I don’t have a subscription which I do in a matter of fact

can anybody else keep me up to date on what the heck just happened because I got 11 violations and my game froze before this happened

EVERYONE PLEASE READ!!! FDS are doing there best!


People! You would think that since everyone is reporting issues, and the fact that one of our lovely moderators has told you all that they are working on the issue, that people would wait and be patient. Maybe you guys should try it. Good things come to those who wait.


Looks like the servers are back up, sign out, restart your devices and sign back in.


Thanks ,we appprecate your work FDS!

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