Connection issues!

I have tried to play solo, and online, but every time I get “infinite flight is experiencing connection issues, please check your connection” I have tried re downloading, restarting, there is no update available, and my connection is secure, I also tried a hard shutdown, didn’t work, I have no idea what is going on, please help!

Can you provide us with a little more information?
Device, operating system?

In the meantime, please make sure you are using the most updated version of your device software, and also try using IF over a data connection. Usually an issue like this is related to WiFi, so it helps to try it over a LTE connection.

Have you tried to restart your modem? Make sure your internet connection is fast as well…

Also, turning on airplane mode for 30 seconds sometimes helps.

Why don’t you also throw your device into the sink whilst you’re at it?

Until we’ve had a confirmation message from the user, there is no need to throw suggestions at them, as 99% of the time the OP has already tried them…

I’m using an iPad, one of the newer versions, I’m getting ready to get a software update, IOS 11.3, I got it work once, but then it stopped, I recently tried unplugging my router and plugging it back in, I will try some of your suggestions

I agree with Kirito here. Seems to be a local problem. Resetting your router may help you in this case. Having another internet source could help you isolate if it’s an issue at your residence.

Also, updating your iOS to 11.4 is a good idea. We’ve seen users have unrelated issues (app crashes or closing during flight) to yours lately with 11.3 and updating to 11.4.

I updated to 11.4, still no change

Again, I believe this is a local internet issue. Do you have another internet source? Have you tried resetting your devices network settings? Have you tried resetting your router?

Not trying to be ignorant or condescending but those speeds are relatively slow especially your download speeds. At those rates its likely your connection is timing out.

This occurred on my device about a couple days ago, WiFi was good and so was my device. I gave it a reboot and it worked.

Supposedly you done that already.

Won’t be able to get better WiFi till August

I agree with Levet you should at least be rocking a solid 10Mb/s or you would have trouble logging in.

Any chance you could get a cellular host? I bet you will see a significant difference in your experience with better download/upload speeds.

What happens after resetting your router?

If you have some sort of device that holds cellular data, start a hotspot and connect to it from the iPad and see what happens.

I’m in an area of trees where data is cut off by the trees, they are building a tower near by, won’t be done till August.

I feel your pain. Some of my job sites I travel to don’t even support 3G services well. I’m afraid that this is your culprit.

When I restart my router, the WiFi just goes down to a slower pace and I have to wait for it to boot up

I go back in fourth between houses, I will try at the other house, much less tree count