Connection Issues

Try clearing some data on your device, and/or restart, that should help.

How’s the internet? That may be the problem

If your internet’s the problem, try resetting your WiFi if you are on it.

I did and I am still having the problem I also restarted my phone

This won’t be fault of the app. Make sure that you don’t have any VPNs active, your modem is up and running as per usual. Perhaps attempt to run IF over a different WIFI or cellular network, this will allow you to find the root cause of this issue. Something like this isn’t usually down to the app.

The problem I am having is that the game is taking ages to connect to live

Then it is the fault of your WIFI connection, nothing more, nothing less.

So what should I do?

Well… I’m not an expert in your WIFI so I’m afraid I don’t know. Make sure, as I said above, that your WIFI is fully functional, you don’t have any tethering or hardware acceleration active, check for a VPN incorrectly running. Otherwise you will have to wait until your home WiFi has been fixed.

I guess I have to wait then no big deal

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Are you using the same device to post here, or a different device? The reason I’m asking is beacause there could be a wifi problem with your device.

That’s what I was thinking. Could be a very clogged internet… If your connections were fine before this I’m sure they could return again.

Yes I am using the same device which is my phone

I hope so that they would return back to normal

I wonder if heat can affect internet?

Aw, yes, is your device overheating?

The reason why I am saying that is that it is 32 degrees Celsius and it is hot

I don’t think heat can affect internet or a routers connection. It can however affect your device it’s best recommended to use your device it conditions where it’s higher then 32 degrees farienheit and below 95 degrees farienheit. Never the less if u were you if restart the router if that does not work it looks like you will be playing the waiting game till you connection is strong enough to play

Yes, your device is overheating, let it cool down, and you should be fine.