Connection Issues

When I log into any of the online servers, none of the players show up in the HUD or outside views. No ATC is working and the connection icon in the top right corner is orange. My internet is working fine because it works for everything else and I tried restarted my device bad still no luck. Anyone else have this issue?

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Same problem here. On ATC Playground

Yea, I can not get on either.

Advanced seems to be fine…

Mine has been doing this all day

It syarted doing it 3hr ago

If the other servers aren’t working, try restarting your wifi router.

It’s just atc playground for me

Yeah it’s only the playground for me as well. I just didn’t try the other servers.

Still 0%

I also have connection problems since the latest update yesterday. My connection icon is red. Everything connects except for when I flyimage


@DIsraelFDS I’m not sure what the ‘solution’ icon is for, but I still cannot connect. The icon is orange first, then turns red.