Connection issues since update

Since the update I am no longer able to use the app. Tried deleting the app restarting re installing but still it says “can’t connect…try again later”
In the meantime I am very fed up720411A6-121D-4D9E-A670-744747B58B78


please have a look at this thread on How to make a support request. .

Which devices is it? IOS or Android?
technically spec?
any other useful information?

Kind regards,
Lorenzo Schaaf

Also please keep in mind that unlike before, you now need an internet connection to fly solo. Not sure if you were trying to fly solo without one

Have you ensured you have a stable internet connection?

Iphone se iOS 11.0.3
Yes I have stable internet tried with and without WiFi :)
Thanks for your help

No one with a possible solution?

Here are some tips that usually help with similar cases such as yours:

-Reset your router
-Restart your device
-Relaunch Infinite Flight
-Try spawning in at a different airport.

In rare cases some folks have reset their devices’ network settings.

My iPhone SE is having same problems

Try switching your WiFi and Airplane Mode On/Off a few times.

I have same SE with same OS version. No issues.

Have you tried a factory reset of your device? If not try that

I did still won’t maybe it has something to do with internal damage but I don’t know how

Have you backed up your phone and performed a factory reset of the device like Ryan said above?

I will try later today

Did the update and everything you proposed… just not the total factory reset.nothing of succes.
The strange thing is that I am logged in, could purchase new planes but flying is not possible because there is no internet connection.

I just reset my iPhone… still not working. For me the app is totally useless…

Who is your internet service provider or cellular service provider? The issue may be there.

I’m getting this issue too.
Samsung galaxy tab A6
Android 7.0

Just found an update in play store which has fixed issue.

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