Connection issues expert server

What’s going on with the servers? I’ve already tested my network status and it seems to be more than fine. I keep disconnecting and i know a few people who has the same problem. Is the if team gonna do something about it yet? Happend twice yesterday and about 5 time two days ago

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Same happening to me, happened a bunch over the last few days tbh

Yeah I’m experiencing this as well - multiple other people on Discord are as well.

It’s being looked at right now!


Same here, just as I’m coming into Miami

I saw Live Server status dropping out, now I’m seeing “your account is in use on another device”

I’ve only ever used IF on this one phone…

Thanks! Much apreciated

Yes i’m having the same problems as we speak.

This happened to me too, it’ll fix itself when the server is back, I was confused but just let it fix before I try

Pretty dead rn…

The server should be recovering now, we just had to upgrade some hardware to fix a few performance issues. Talk about a busy release day :)

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Thanks. I got connected back to the server.

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Thank you for the amazing work from the if team as always!:)

Back online for me.

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