Connection issues and violations

Hello, good evening.

I was doing a flight for British Airways Virtual Airline between London and Mykonos. I reached my cruising altitude (FL350) and everything is going well. Then I receive an urgent call that I had to answer and so I had not paid attention to the speed, as I had previously reduced the power of the turbines so that the speed would not increase drastically. Then I come back to Infinite Flight and I see the famous warning sign that tells me that I am too fast and that I must quickly reduce my speed or I will have violations. I reduce my speed, but I realize that I am no longer connected to the server. Even though I came back to normal cruising speed, the message still hadn’t gone, and it didn’t display the 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, etc. I’m not sure if I’m connected to the server anymore. It’s really a problem because I took 5 violations for this problem and I would really like to have some help with that because I’m on vacation and I was planning to fly on behalf of BAVA.

I thank you in advance and I wish you a good day, evening.

Btw, I’m sorry if I did mistakes in english, I’m trying my best :)

Who was your controller, which device was it on, and what server was it?

This looks like it was a system ghost and not from a controller.

Overspeeding is the reasoning for the system ghost. Sometimes it’s best to end the flight if you have to back out of the app. Setting your speed for a setting between Mach .78 and Mach .85 might have been best instead of manually controlling the throttle.


Ah, that explains it. Well, I don’t think there is much you can really do in this situation as it was the rapid movement of the reconnection to the server that might of caused it. If you disconnect at one point, and then reconnect further down, your plane tends to “light speed” to the other point. The system probably thought this was you overspeeding or something. This was what probably gave you the vio.

As @Levet also said, autopilot saves vios. It is good to set the autopilot speed to avoid overspeeding.

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It was not from a controller.

@Levet already said so.

Okay. But the problem is that now I’ve got vacation and for flying for BAVA, I must do my flights on the expert server…

Contact your VA and explain the situation. They will probably make an exception as this is a special circumstance.

There is nothing we can do about that. It’s your own responsibility to not overspeed. You can’t use BAVA to get a break unfortunately

I’ve contacted them, and the event manger called Miles told me : “Contact a MOD on the IFC if you believe it was an error on IFs part”

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Well I would still try to explain it to BAVA. I would then try and communicate to the moderator about a vio removal if it was in fact the system’s fault.

@Levet, pardon the tag but is it possible to look back through the flight history or something among those lines?

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Arf, if there’s no solution it’s okay, I’ll wait one week…

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That is probably the best thing to do, just go tell your VA the situation and explain it was an accident and ask them if it is fine to ignore this one week. The system is a cruel mistress sometimes, we can’t fix it to be that specific. I am sorry we cannot do more, but it is entirely the system. Maybe to avoid it in the future you set your phone or device to do not disturb.

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Okay, thank you for your responses :)

No problem, @Levet or another moderator, if you could please close this.

Sending a PM to the user.