Connection issue

Device: Iphone 13
Operating system: iOS 16

Hello everyone, I’m doing a flight between Bahrain and London at the moment. However, the live server is not connecting. it has been “connecting” with the live server for about 15 minutes. By the way, my wifi is working normally. How can I fix that without losing my flight?

Well this happened to me several times.What you can do is either connecting to cellular or disconnecting and connecting to your wifi and it should work otherwise if it’s still showing red after 5 minutes you’ll have to restart your flight.If it’s yellow you’re lucky you can try the above methods.
Thank you

I already did it and the “connecting” status continues appearing. I even turned off my WiFi and cellular and the “connecting” status continued to appear even without any internet connection

can you show a screenshot?

well this is confusing I also have an iPhone 13 and as I said happened to me several times but it’s not red though you can continue your flight but if it’s not green by 10 minutes I’m afraid you have to restart the flight and by the way does it go from red to yellow and red again is it repeating that?

Nope, it’s always yellow

This is confusing well you’re only in the initial stage of the flight right

I’m exactly in the middle of the flight(3:15hr). But I think I’ll need to restart it :/

Im sorry that I couldn’t help but yes restarting the flight is now inevitable.

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i just did it. Lose a flight is very annoying. but thanks anyway

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This is very serious situation and we hope that this very serious situation is fixed in next update and lots of people have been disconnected after long flight and it is very frustrating experience!


I agree almost lost a flight from Istanbul to Doha.

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