Connection issue

I can’t get my online subscription to work on my iPhone 8 and it’s been more then a week that the signal goes from Orange to red…is there a reason to why that is happening…it even happens when I’m connected to WiFi

Are you sure your internet connection is good?

Try turning your wifi router on and off.

I restarted my phone and still the same…I also restarted my router and the problem still continues

Thanks for contacting support!

Please try the following steps to troubleshoot your issue;

  • Restart the app and you device
  • Restart your Wifi Modem/Router
  • Re-install the app if neither of the above work.

Let us know how you get on!



I’ve heard of a few iPhone 8 users having issues with the “WiFi Assist” and their network settings. I would try switching off WiFi Assist and try resetting your network settings.

Wifi Assist Reset:

Open the Settings app.
Go to Cellular Data.
Scroll to the bottom and you should see the toggle for Wi-Fi Assist. Turn it off, then turn it back on.

To reset your network settings:

Open the Settings app and tap General.
Scroll to the bottom and tap Reset.
Choose Reset Network Settings, then enter your iPhone’s passcode to confirm the reset.


Did all 3 and I’m still having the same issue

No luck did both and it’s still the same

Who is your network provider?

Also, try;

Disable Networking Services
Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services. Make sure this is enabled. (@Levet 😉)


T-Mobile and yes it enabled but no luck what’s so ever 😕

Ah, that’s the issue. For some odd reason, T-Mobile block the port that is needed for Infinite Flight Live (when connected with an IPv6 address).

At this point, you need to contact them and ask them to open Port 10100.

This should clear up the issue. Thanks!