Connection issue to server

How come we keep gettting the “connection issue to server” when not connected to WiFi? Can’t we use the app without connection like the previous version, especially when we want to play solo?

Hi there,

You will need an internet connection to utilize the new update. Maybe later on down the line the developers will look into offering the ability to use the app without internet but that is not available at this time.

Yeh but you can still fly in regions without internet. Don’t expect much with just regions though.

No you can’t, it just says Infinite Flight can connect to the server if your not connected to the internet so you can’t use it without internet. Neither solo or multiplayer.

I am afraid you cannot - they use the new terrain which is streamed

Hey after the latest update, how do I pre-download the regions. I can’t find the option.

You can’t, I probs was online but for some reason I only had regions.