Connection issue in flight

I’m having a connection issue on my device:

I’m cruising mid atlantic in a 7 hour flight, and I recently came upon a live connection issue, which I can’t seem to fix. I know there are the strategies of restarting the app or phone, but I really don’t want to loose this flight. This is what i’ve done so far:

  • Refreshed Settings
  • Checked wifi (it works fine)
  • Turned phone off and on again
  • Went to home page, and opened again

I’m wondering if there is any way you guys know about to fix a connection issue without the app having to restart.

Other than this issue, The flight is running butter smooth without any interference.

2017 iPhone 6 32G
iOS 11
(brand new with plenty of room still)

Thanks guys!


Continue your flight and see if it reconnects. It may take a bit so give it some time.

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Ok, thanks! I don’t need the live exactly yet, just later.

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Please report back if you encounter any other issues during this journey. Thanks, Chris


Ok, So the app eventually crashed, but what I find kind of frustrating, is that I developed 6 violations while having connection issues. So anyway, now you know what happens.

Continuing this in a PM.