Connection Issue - I can’t play online or solo

Hi are the servers down?

I cant play Online or Solo when i spawn my plane jumps to the ground and gets - Altitude and the game Freezes and then my plane crashes every time.


Everything is working fine here.
I recommend you begin with restarting your device, then go to Settings --> General --> Clear cache in the app and try again!


I have done this 2 time

In the exact order i described?

I could play today really fine.
Also on the time where the A320 got new Liverys

Yes i have Settings - General - Clear cenery cache

And have you restarted your device prior to before clearing the cache? :)

I not but my phone self because i had 0 battery life 😂

Try the procedure to the letter.

Shut down your phone, start it back up, open Infinite Flight & clear scenery cache then try again. Preferably on Solo first.

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Thanks i try this now :)

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It doesnt have the bug more but the game lags now rrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeaaaaaallllllyyyyyyy hard.

How much storage do you have available now?

1,80 GB i have uninstalled the game before 5 hrs because i had only 98 MB because of Backgrounds Downloads in Multiplayer.

What device are you playing IF on?

I play on a Huawei P8 Lite 2017

You didn’t have lag-problems before, did you?
Have you checked the graphics settings and changed them back to your normal configuration?

Yes i tried on all and i play normally on
Anti Alliasing Off

Check your PMs, will continue there. :)

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