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Hi all,

I keep encountering an error where I lose connection mid air but then find my connection back and all of the check marks are green except for the live server one. I’ve tried all solutions. I lost all progress on my 18 hour flight. Any suggestions?

@Jordan_Jacklin Do you have stable and reliable Wifi?

Yes, 3 bars steady. I was tracking my flight and it just lost connection and it was still 3 bars.

This has happened to me before, actually earlier today.

okay so we can prob rule that out as not being the cause.
Im no expert, but i would #1 turn of Wifi, #2 restart your device then reconnect to Wifi and see if that helps

So this is an issue.

When that happened to me, I did that and nothing happened

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Yeah but the problem is losing the flight progress, you can’t restart mid flight. It works if I end the flight, but that’s not the point. The point is to be able to reconnect during the flight.

This has happened to me several times. It’s getting very irritating, especially on flights that are 3+ hours. There is no way to reconnect it. It never does.

Yeah, it especially sucks when you lose the flight time AND the landings. I can’t progress if this keeps happening.

Happened to me 3 times, it’s so damn irritating 🙄

Agreed, IF needs to fix it.

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