Connection error

Hello. In my area, a storm just passed through. I checked on my flight, and received many “errrors”. It said it couldn’t connect to the live server, winds aloft weather, and there was an issue connecting my account or something. Is there anything I can do about this?

Are you still in flight but disconnected? Or are you already back in the home screen?


If your service provider is experiencing issues due to the weather you mentioned, there’s not much you can do I’m afraid.

If you have a current session running, the best option is probably to restart everything.


I am still flying

So in short is that on the top right icon it shows that you are disconnected from Live Server?

Well same as what @schyllberg said, if it is something to do with your service provider, unfortunately there is nothing that IF can do.

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Unfortunately the app crashes and my floght was terminated. When I try to open IF it says there is a connection error. I’ll try again later. Thanks for the help!

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Feel free to ask further questions if you find any difficulties.

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