Connection Error

I connected my WiFi and would like to play infinite flight, just to see the sign connection error, it also said if this problem persists, I should contact support. How can I solve this problem?


Same for me at the Moment. Internet and Router works fine, but connection to the IF server isn’t possible.

I have the same problem

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Just checked, its with me too. Devs, you might want to look into this.

iPad Pro 9.7 iOS 11

The same here in the android world.

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Can confirm this.
iPad Pro 9,7"

Have reinstalled IF
Restarted wifi router
Soft reset IPad
Tried 2 different wifi networks

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The same problem today :(

And same problem for me too.

Im have the same issue as well saying that the account is not found while logging in…

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Ok guys, calm down. Just wait until one of the devs see this and be patient for now.

Developers have been alerted. Let’s hope for a quick resolution.


Exact same here guys. I was doing an overnight flight from Miami to Dublin [ yes i’m in Ireland time zone] and when i woke up this morning, I was just approaching the coast and i couldnt see any land. it was just endless sea and lagging and nothing fixed it. i went out of the app and back again but it just restarted and I’m now having the same problem that you guys have. iPad Air

Same here, rebooted everything and software is all updated

Okay guys, calm down. The devs have been alerted as stated by Schyllberg above. Even I am having this problem. Let’s let the devs fix it so we can get flying, shall we?

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Same with me

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Just happened to me i want to fly from KSFO-KPHX but the connection error, “if problem persist please contact support”

same problem here, glad it’s not just me

Same old same old, what can you do about it, you just have to wait, and be patient…🙂👍

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I think this is related:

I redownloaded the app, and reloggedin but it doesn’t find my google account.

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Same to me also i cant connect to live and solo ;(