Connection error

I bought a months plan for ₹500 and abt 2 planes which was very expensive…I played online for abt 1 day and now it says contact support try again later plz help plz I beg u all…0370DD1B-A6EF-41CA-98EC-1348B923B86E

Try reseting your wifi router… If not that, the Mods will take a look and notify the Devs most likely :)

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Some things that may help:

  • Restart app

  • Restart device

  • Uninstall and reinstall app

  • Restart router


How long have you waited?

If you have not waited, maybe do what it says and try again later?


I agree with Carrots, simply do what it says, just wait a while, then try again later :)

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Guys I have waited 3 Days and no difference…I tried restarting router deleting and reinstalling the…I am in a hotel with public wifi at the moment…what I have noticed is that this wifi can opens few pages like daily mail…I really what to play the game now…😢

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It might not be an issue, but it could be something to do with the WIFI itself. Try disconnecting from the internet, if you have mobile data, try connecting via that. If it works, then you’ll know it’s the hotel internet that is the problem :)