Connection being lost and not allowing me to choose ATC

As I was attempting to do a flight from Toronto to Gatwick my connection status would keep reconnecting, however I have strong WiFi so I doubt this is a factor, this then causes the game to not allow me to choose an ATC frequency. Somebody please explain how I might be able to fix this?

I would also like to point out I’m aware there was a hot fix because of a situation similar but this is not that situation, I have experienced the bug of the game crashing when connecting to ATC, however this is a situation where I cannot seem to gain a connection on the server however I can still access the ATC menu but when I click a frequency it flashes and does not allow me to connect.

Is your issue similar to this one?

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Yes, it is that exact problem, adding with the connection icon constantly saying “reconnecting” but aircraft is loading in just fine.

Thank you I took some good looks at the issue. Thanks again for responding so soon!