Hi! My friend and I are trying to load into an airport to fly in expert, but we have been on the connecting screen for some time. We had closed the app and opened it many times. Are the servers down? We have our internet turned on and that is connected, but the servers aren’t working.

yes me too

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Yeah. Just opened for me. Give it time

Took me a couple of minutes. It will load 😊

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Maybe the devs are doing something :)

returned to normal

Getting this issue as well. Standby. Pinging staff to see what’s up.


I sort of had this yesterday. I was en route when suddenly I kept flying but everything but the Live server was connected. For maybe 5-10 minutes, it just didn’t connect.

I waited a while and came back already

Thanks, DeerCrusher!

Not sure what happened here but we’re keeping an eye on the servers, sorry about the interruption!


No problem! Can’t wait for the 777